Precious Blake is an arts organizer and visual journalist living in Baltimore, MD. Precious received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration with a concentration in Printmaking at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA.) She is dedicated to advocating for equitable access to art resources and education. Precious does this through leading art workshops, freelancing as a career adviser, and creating collaborations that combine her passions for journalism, illustration and centering marginalized voices for collective imagination. She has been featured in multiple art magazines and publications such as Hyrsteria, the Baltimore Sun, and FRONT. Currently, she is the Program Coordinator for National Partnerships at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts where she focuses on building professional development capacity for arts administrators, school districts, and educators.

Artist Statement

My work is a collection of moments that combine fantastical deferred dreams with lived reality. Taking visual journalism as a concept and into an artistic mode of working, the illustrations I create are a reflection of my inquisitive nature, keen listening, visual interpretation of history. The people featured are brought from margin to center, standing tall on the illustrated stage built just for them. In the end, there is an archival artifact cementing our experience together that cannot be erased from the history books.

The portraits and patterns I create bend visual space and typography while honoring storytellers. Listening to the people and cities they live in take the form of on-site drawings, monoprints, relief linocuts, handwritten type, and digital collage. My work contextualizes the physical and metaphorical spaces I experience and interprets them through colorful reimaginings.

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